Here are all of our past issues, enjoy reading!

Issue 127 (January 2024)

Iphigenia Cries From The Altar (Poetry) – Jonathan Cohen 

The Lonely Soldier (Fiction) – Philip Graubart

The Yiddish Learner (Creative Nonfiction) – Barbara Krasner 

Issue 126 (December 2023)

Avelut (Poetry) – David Lerner

You Ask For A Poem (Poetry) – Marilyn Kallet

Essential Stories (Fiction) – Edna Schneider

Strangers And Kin (Creative Nonfiction) – Lisa Grunberger

Issue 125 (November 2023)

Band of Light (Poetry) – Lisa Miller

Chava (Poetry) – Yael Hacohen 

Rehov HaMevaser (Poetry) – Julia Knobloch

Red Pears (Fiction) – Susan Spector 

The Clerk and The Headcovering (Creative Nonfiction) – Marjorie Ordene

Issue 124 (October 2023)

Funeral Drive (Poetry) – Gary Kay 

Rose Among The Thorns (Fiction) – Merav Fima

The Last Responder (Creative Nonfiction) – Sarah Birnbach 

Issue 123 (September 2023)

Long Life (Poetry) – Amanda Hammar

Golem (Fiction) – Zac Goldstein

Ora (Creative Nonfiction) – Hank Greenspan

Issue 122 (August 2023)

A Story Of Ruth (Poetry) – Shira Atik

Acharei Mot (Poetry) – Tree Smith Benedikt

Lamedvavnik (Fiction) – Ben Dov 

The First Jewish High Holidays in Paris After Liberation from the Nazis (Creative Nonfiction) – Mel Corren

Issue 121 (July 2023)

You Carried Her In Your Arms (Poetry) – Charlene Fix 

Bubbie’s Bananas (Fiction) – Ann Stolinsky 

An Unplanned Stop (Creative Nonfiction) – Lou-Ellen Barkan

Issue 120 (June 2023)

He Did Wild Things (Poetry) – Brian Rohr

Throughout The 7th Night (Poetry) – Baruch November

Child’s Prayer (Fiction) – Susan Greenfield

Mothers Never Die (Creative Nonfiction) – Emil Draitser

Issue 119 (May 2023)

Sheva Brachot (Poetry) – Emily McAvan

Tefillin (Poetry) – Robert Simon

Next Friday We’ll Get Borscht (Fiction) – Devorah Cutler-Rubinstein

What Did You Do In The War, Dad? (Creative Nonfiction) – Jane Rothschild

Issue 118 (April 2023)

Dear Blood (Poetry) – Carine Topal

Kaddish (Poetry) – Steven Goldman

If There’s Anything We Can Do (Fiction) – Joan Larkin

On The Tayelet (Creative Nonfiction) – Anna Gotlieb

The Official (Creative Nonfiction) – Leslie Lisbona

Issue 117 (March 2023)

Against Impossible Odds (Poetry) – Sarah Klein

The Rope (Fiction) – a b Strimling

Holocausts (Creative Nonfiction) – Maurice Krystal

Issue 116 (February 2023)

Not One Foot In The Door (Poetry) –  Sharon Lask Munson

Rebellion (Fiction) – Jeremy Stelzner

My Roommate, The Neo-Nazi (Creative Nonfiction) – Bret Serbin

The Secret Of Gefilte Fish (Creative Nonfiction) – Susan Weiman

Issue 115 (January 2023)

Shmutz (Poetry) – Max Westler

Seven Blessings (Fiction) – Ellis Shuman

Mit Mazel, Mit Glick (Creative Nonfiction) – Rochelle Nameroff

Issue 114 (December 2022)

Sabbath Prayer (Poetry) – Carol Lipszyc

The Golden Tent (Fiction) – Marcia Stamell

Tombstones And Trees (Creative Nonfiction) – Diane Gottlieb

Issue 113 (November 2022)

I Talk To My Dad A Year After His Death (Poetry) – Julie Levin

Scars (Fiction) – Rich Watson

The Shepherd’s Blessing (Creative Nonfiction) – Steve Meltz

Issue 112 (October 2022)

Simchat Torah (Poetry) – Natalie Knazik

The Mystical Meaning Of The Union Of The Dalet Mem (Fiction) – Carol J. Wechsler Blatter

We (Creative Nonfiction) – Amy Cook

Issue 111 (September 2022)

Another Phone Call When I Have to Spell My Name (Poetry) – Katherine Szpekman

Queen Solomon (Fiction) – Burt Rashbaum

The Hitchhiker (Creative Nonfiction) – Susan Bloch

Issue 110 (August 2022)

My Name Is Jacob (Poetry) – Florence Weinberger

A Call From The Other Side (Fiction) – Barbara Schilling Hurwitz

Dayenu (Creative Nonfiction) – Ellen Brooks

Issue 109 (July 2022)

Gates Of Righteousness (Fiction) – Judith Cohen

Lady Sabbat (Poetry) Lou Ella Hickman

Yiddish Pantoum (Poetry) – Rochelle Nameroff

Germany: An Outsider’s View (Creative Nonfiction) – Alex Gordon

Issue 108 (June 2022)

Treasure Island, The Bronx (Fiction) – Jean Ende

Kiddush, after services (Poetry) – Rachel R. Baum

Since You Ask + How To Pack A Suitcase (Poetry) – Ronda Piszk Broatch

On Not Speaking Yiddish (Creative Nonfiction) – Judith Sanders

Issue 107 (May 2022)

Rising For Freedom (Fiction) – Abdullah Aljumah

Watchword (Poetry) – Mark Evan Chimsky

They Last All Your Life (Creative Nonfiction) – Ariela Eshel

Issue 106 (April 2022)

Sister Zsusza (Fiction) – Jeff Ingber

The Best Of Times (Fiction) – Enid Goldberg

I Have To Search For My Aunt’s Face (Poetry) – Karen Mandell

Dayenu (Poetry) – Jacqueline Jules

Mikveh (Creative Nonfiction) – Adrienne Ross Scanlan

Bashert (Creative Nonfiction) – Steve Pollack

Issue 105 (March 2022)

The Deliverer (Fiction) – Danielle Resh

Home In Time For Shabbos (Fiction) – Ken Kapp

Jerusalem (Poetry) – Joy Gaines-Friedler

Grief (Creative Nonfiction) – Rachel Weinhaus Yarkoni

Issue 104 (February 2022)

What Does Your Grandson Do? (Fiction) – Alex Yanishevsky

Love (Fiction) – Anna Gottlieb

Multicolored Shards (Poetry) – Edna Garte

Red Geraniums (Poetry) – Victoria Mack

The Elephant In The Room (Creative Nonfiction) –  Alisa Schindler

Issue 103 (January 2022)

Bernie And The Jesuits (Fiction) – Nancy Lederman

Everyone Dies (Poetry) – Fran Schumer

Waiting For My Father To Die (Creative Nonfiction) – Lynne Golodner

Issue 102 (December 2021)

Decoration Day (Fiction) – Bari Lynn Hein

Offering: Abraham To Isaac (Poetry) – Ayelet Amittay

Amidah: Here I Stand (Creative Nonfiction) – Elizabeth Caplun

Issue 101 (November 2021)

Blessed Is The Name (Fiction) – Julie Wiener

Teaching The White Fire (Poetry) – Caryn Miriam-Goldberg

A Promise (Poetry) – Linda Laderman

our Father went away across the sea and i- (Poetry) – Rana Bickel

Rest In Peace, Peacekeepers (Creative Nonfiction) – Melissa Greenwood

Issue 100 (October 2021)

The Rabbi’s Story (Fiction) – Robert Granader

The Ticket (Gaza, 2005) (Fiction) – Hank Paper

Jerusalem Sabbath (Poetry) – Jeni Friedman

Angel (Poetry) – DB Jonas

The Dressmaker’s Mirror (Creative Nonfiction) – Susan Weiss Liebman

Agents Of Spirit (Creative Nonfiction) – Ayelet Abraham

Issue 99 (September 2021)

The Docks (Fiction) – Sarah Lerner

Yahrzeit (Poetry) – Jean Fineberg

My Jewish Awakening Happened Behind The Iron Curtain (Creative Nonfiction) – Gayle Kirschenbaum

Issue 98 (August 2021)

Transit (Fiction) – Anita Jawary

Third Day of Hanukah (Poetry) – Claire Drucker

Want (Poetry) – Julie Enszer

An American Constellation (Creative Nonfiction) –  Barbara Krasner

Issue 97 (July 2021)

Adultery (Fiction) – David Regenspan

Saturday Morning On Ocean Parkway (Poetry) – Sarah Beck

A Glass Tea (Creative Nonfiction) – Diana Rosen

Issue 96 (June 2021)

Things You Can Expect From Your Loved Ones (Fiction) – David Samuel Levinson

Shibboleths (Poetry) – Joshua Gottlieb-Miller

Ancestor (Poetry) – Daisy Bassen

One Day At A Jewish Holiday (Creative Nonfiction) – Alex Gordon

Waking Up In Tarnow (Creative Nonfiction) – Marsha Eines

Issue 95 (May 2021)

Klein’s Torah (Fiction) – Jared Berezin

Shto Eta? (Fiction) – Ken Kapp

Here Am I (Fiction) – Jonathan Shorr

Rooftop Dreams (Poetry) – Danielle Resh

Coffee Times (Poetry) – Catherine Wald

How Should I be A Jew? (Creative Nonfiction) – Susan Moldaw

Issue 94 (April 2021)

Tick Tock (Fiction) – Leah Eichler

Stones (Poetry) – Ilanna Mandel

Brine (Poetry) – Donald Mender

Monet, First Impression (Poetry) – Sarale Farkas

Grandfather (Creative Nonfiction) – Olivia Wolf

Issue 93 (March 2021)

The Hudson River Eats My Sins (Fiction) – Laezer Schlomkowitz

Jacobo’s Rainbow (Fiction) – David Hirshberg

The Beach (Poetry) – Spencer Szwalbenest

Everything I Know (Poetry) – Janet Hiller

Amen (Poetry) – Shelley Saposnik

Delilah’s Song (Poetry) – Sister Lou Ella Hickman

When My Mother Wed (Creative Nonfiction) – Judith Rosner

Issue 92 (February 2021)

And The Sea Is Not Full (Fiction) – Edna Shemesh

In Those Days And Now (Fiction) – Deborah Flusberg

This Water (Poetry) – Anita Jawary

Selichot Night (Poetry) – Yudel Huberman

Funeral (Poetry) – Gloria Murray

From Family To Faith (Creative Nonfiction) – Jessi Kingston

Issue 91 (January 2021)

The First And Last Dance (Fiction) – Barbara Preslier

Safekeeping (Fiction) – Jessamyn Hope

Nebach (Poetry) – Carla Sarett

My Hand On The Western Wall (Poetry) – Erik La Prade

The Klezmer Clarinet (Poetry) – Mel Goldberg

A Dark, Musty, Gorgeous Room Of My Own (Creative Nonfiction) – Jan Berlfein Burns

Write It In Stone (Creative Nonfiction) – Rita Plush

Issue 90 (December 2020)

A List Of My Faults (Fiction) – Penny Kohn

Precious Moments (Fiction) – David Hirshberg

Birthright + Rituals (Poetry) – Barbara Schwartz

Treblinka (Poetry) – Jeremy Nathan Marks

The Bibliomaniacs (Creative Nonfiction) – J.C. Halper

A Prayer For Platelets (Creative Nonfiction) – Leah Moore

Issue 89 (November 2020)

Memory Care (Fiction) – Susan Kleinman

2 Poems (Poetry) – Jacqueline Jules

2 Poems (Poetry) – Sherri Levine

For The Baalei Teshuva (Poetry) – Meira Kerr-Jarrett

Concentric Circles – Robyn Mandelbaum

Girl Feelings – Alle Hall

Issue 88 (October 2020)

Scabs (Fiction) – Tova Bernbaum

Crumbs (Poetry) – Levi Morrow

Remembering Mr. P (Poetry) – Greg Massey

Sukkot: 7 Guests (Poetry) – Hillel Broder

My Firstborn Son (Creative Nonfiction) – Stuart Terman

Issue 87 (September 2020)

The Baal Shem Tov’s Dream (Fiction) – Eleanore Smith

If I Told You (Fiction) – Alison Solomon

For All Time + Dad (Eighth Army) (Poetry) – Sally Michaelson

A Prayer For Breathing (Poetry) – Ophir Bitton

A Day Of Hebrew School In A Reform Synagogue (Poetry) – Andrew Nacht

The Gift Of Non Social Distancing (Creative Non-Fiction) – Amy Salinger

Issue 86 (August 2020)

Those Three Little Words (Fiction) – Wendy Ungar

Through the Window (Poetry) – Sherri Levine

6,000,000 (Poetry) – Natalia Emerson

Mr. Cassian’s Good Friend, Albert Einstein (Poetry) – Tim Miller

Flooding Prayers (Poetry) – Baruch November

Ketoret (Poetry) – Gershon Ben-Avraham

Kedushah (Creative Non-Fiction) – Wendy Horwitz

Issue 85 (July 2020)

Two Candles (Fiction) – Bruce Makiefsky

Reconciliation (Fiction) – Joan Orange

How To Make Jam (Poetry) – Robin Neuwirth

Eating Pork (Poetry) – Rosemarie Krausz

Mitzvahs (Poetry) – Todd Friedman

Shlomo the Cobbler (Poetry) – Ezra Solway

Where They Went (Creative Non-Fiction) – Madison Jackson

A Passing Rage (Creative Non-Fiction) – Bill Teitelbaum

Issue 84 (June 2020)

Whatever Gets Klapholtz Through The Night (Fiction) – Bryan Schwartzman

Yo Maccabi + Serach (Poetry) – Kenneth Smith

Construction (Poetry) – Tikva Hecht

Upon Seeing A Pomegranate Orchard (Poetry) – Matthew Andrews

Temira d’Kol Temirin (Poetry) – Simcha Wasserman

Margola the Heir (Poetry) – Thomas Schmidt

Dancing on the Sabbath (Creative Non-Fiction) – Esther McBride

Did My Uncle David Try To Swindle Sholem Aleichem? (Creative Non-Fiction) – Roger Keizerstein

Issue 83 (May 2020)

Beget (Fiction) – Maya Alexandri

Chabadniks (Poetry) – Spencer Szwalbenest 

Mother, Repairing The World (Poetry) – Michael Glaser

From Cayenne Red Pepper To Honey Pie (Creative Non-Fiction) – Lori Cohen 

Reaching Through The Silence (Creative Non-Fiction) – Carol Ungar 

Issue 82 (April 2020)

The Runes Of Midian (Fiction) – Nadia Ibrahisi

A Yad For Rabbi Goldstein (Poetry) – Josh Jacobs

At Yad Vashem (Poetry) – Martin Golan

Can I Kill A Spider On Yom Kippur? (Creative Non-Fiction) – Jonathan Phillips

Issue 81 (March 2020)

The Aimless Days of Watching Birds on a Wire (and Waiting for Bernie Zuckerman) (Fiction) – Claire Abramovitz

Ruth (Poetry) – Norma Bradley

Wise Man of Chelm (Creative Non-Fiction) – Philip Graubart

Simple Minded (Creative Non-Fiction) – Lindsay Gibbs

Issue 80 (February 2020)

A Dybbuk In Pasadena (Fiction) – Bill Teitelbaum

2 Poems (Poetry) – Toby Goosetree

Beautiful Synagogue On The Hill (Creative Non-Fiction) – Roberta Sokol

Issue 79 (January 2020)

The Storyteller and His Daughter (Fiction) – Rachel Megibow

Of Pomegranate… (Poetry) – Stephanie Pressman

The Kiss (Creative Non-Fiction) – Diana Rosen

Issue 78 (December 2019)

Fish Kaddish (Fiction) – Lois Rosen

Laskow, 1973 (Fiction) – Beth Adelman

Gretel (Poetry) – Carol Lefelt

Lot’s Lament (Poetry) – Sister Lou Ella Hickman

The Ghost of Hannukah Past (Creative Non-Fiction) – Bethanie Gorny

Issue 77 (November 2019)

Dis-engagement (Fiction) – Gila Green

The Bird of the Soul (Poetry) – Jane Beal

The Chosen (Poetry) – Adam Kositsky

In the Bosom of Abraham (Creative Non-Fiction) – Geri Lipshultz

Issue 76 (October 2019)

Three Fires (Fiction) – Michael Serby

A New York Jewish Childhood (Poetry) – Anne Myles

Candles and Pomegranates (Creative Non-Fiction) – Ilyse Steiner

Issue 75 (September 2019)

Red Riding Hood Meets Mr. Wolf the Furrier (Fiction) – Marilyn Dale Berkman

Passover with the Marcus Family (Fiction) – Susan Phillips

My Jewish Grandmother (Poetry) – Jennie Mintz

Because I Could Mumble Some Words (Poetry) – Richard Epstein

Tzimmes (Creative Non-Fiction) – Mara Lathrop

Issue 74 (August 2019)

The Boarder (Fiction) – Julia Hirsch

Inheritance (Poetry) – Rebecca Clarren

Shiphrah (Poetry) – Dan MacIsaac

The Priestly Blessing (Poetry) – Judith J. Katz

Mommy and Daddy in Florida (Creative Non-Fiction) – Dobra Levitt

Issue 73 (July 2019)

The Last Night My Mother Felt Young (Fiction) – Irv Schenkler

Yizkor, 5779 (Poetry) – Danielle Resh

Klan Rags (Creative Non-Fiction) – Lawrence D. Weiss

Issue 72 (June 2019)

Camp Ritchie (Fiction) – Linda Kass

The Namer (Poetry) – Michale Schueler

Ben Avraham (Poetry) – Robert Libbey

Sweatshop Poems (Poetry) – Sally Michaelson

I Cry For You Jewish Deli (Creative Non-Fiction) – Daniel Wolfe

Issue 71 (May 2019)

The Substitution (Fiction) – Lois Barr

Rest in Peace (Fiction) – Randy Kraft

Krypton (Poetry) – Michael Sandler

Searching for the True Gesture (Poetry) – Joshua Boettiger

Passover Pilgrimage (Creative Non-Fiction) – Carol Solomon

Issue 70 (April 2019)

Grandpa’s Room (Fiction) – Sarit Gradwohl

Picnic at Belarus (Poetry) – Judith Robinson

2 Poems (Poetry) – Michal Mahgerefteh

My Brother’s Bar Mitzvah (Creative Non-Fiction) – Leanne Grabel

Issue 69 (March 2019)

Miri (Fiction) – Shana Gold

Archival Photo (Poetry) – Devon Balwit

Another Un-bounding: A Chanukah Memoir – Marion Deutsche Cohen

Issue 68 (February 2019)

The Prank (Fiction) – Jonathan Duker

Thoroughly December (Fiction) – Liz Drayer

Impression (Poetry) – Jonti Marks

The Symptom (Creative Non-Fiction) – David Koulack

Issue 67 (January 2019)

Devil’s Food (Fiction) – Irv Schenkler

Facades (Poetry) – Michael G. Casey

Klezmer Men (Poetry) – Rosalind Adam

Aunt Ida, Aunt Ida (Creative Non-Fiction) – Jerry Marsh

Issue 66 (December 2018)

The Kaddish  (Fiction) – Shai Afsai

The Quarter (Poetry) – Jared Chipkin

Shabbes in Beckett (Poetry) – Henry Glazer

A Jewish King On The Hindu Throne (Creative Non-Fiction) – Paul Devassy

Issue 65 (November 2018)

Live A Little (Fiction) – Deborah S. Sherman

2 Poems (Poetry) – Alan Sugar

Memory Stones (Creative Non-Fiction)– Arlene Borsky

Issue 64 (October 2018)

What’s Mine Is Yours (Fiction) – Ami Sands Brodoff

Grave Site Visit (Poetry) – Nancy Levinson

Wandering the Desert in Search of You (Poetry) – Laurel Faye

The Good Patient (Creative Non-Fiction) – Marci Goodman

Issue 63 (September 2018)

Still Life With Young Girl And Sausage (Poetry) – Jay Jacoby

Mefalti (Poetry) – Kae Bucher

Tekiah Gedola (Fiction) – Judith Peck

Removed at request of author (Creative Non-Fiction)

Issue 62 (August 2018)

Alive and Well (Fiction) – David Lloyd

Darkness of My Room + Playing Ball by the Synagogue (Poetry) – Baruch November

Green Awning, Brooklyn, New York (Poetry) – Janine Jankovitz Pastor

Day Two (Creative Non-Fiction) – Laurie Shiers

Issue 61 (July 2018)

Daniel (Poetry) – Mordechai Karp

The Order (Fiction) – Eleanor Stern

Shaptzir (Fiction) – Aron Mesh

The Shiksa Jew (Creative Non-Fiction) – Heather McDonald

Issue 60 (June 2018)

Recalculating (Fiction) – Galina Vromen (removed at request of author)

Murder On Mt. Moriah (Fiction) – Heywood Gould

Elm (Poetry) – Richard Bernstein

The Jews of Ireland (Creative Non-Fiction) – Jason Feingold

Issue 59 (May 2018)

Holiday Meal Memories (Poetry) – Martin Schneider

Judah and Tamar (Poetry) – Kenneth Salzmann

Compassion (Fiction) – Susan Susser

Babylonia (Fiction) – Brandon Marlon

The Pile (Creative Non-Fiction) – E. S. Max Aronov

Issue 58 (April 2018)

2 Poems (Poetry) – Reizel Polak

At Green Lake (Poetry) – Diane Ray

Official Certificates Here (Fiction) – Wendy Ungar

Finding Emma Lazarus (Creative Non-Fiction) – Barbara Krasner

Issue 57 (March 2018)

Multiplication and Division (Poetry) – Sara O’Donnell Adler

Breendonk Generations (Poetry) – Don Krieger

No Argument From Joe Iserman (Fiction) – Norman Waksler

An American (Creative Non-Fiction) – James Marin

Issue 56 (February 2018)

Sitting Shiva (Poetry) – Abigail Warren

The Zernsville Lions (Fiction) – Jessica Lipnack

Family Portraits (Creative Non-Fiction) – Joy Manne

Struggling With My Judaism (Creative Non-Fiction) – Sigmund Tobias

Issue 55 (January 2018)

3 Poems (Poetry) – Ryan Harke

The Night That Was Different From All Other Nights (Fiction) – Sue Katz

You’re Not Even Jewish (Creative Non-Fiction) – Fred Owens

Issue 54 (December 2017)

Tzimtzum (Disassociation) (Poetry) – Emily McAvan

Beyond The Pail (Fiction) – James Gering

A Conditional Reservation (Creative Non-Fiction) – Clare Goldfarb

Issue 53 (November 2017)

Conversion Immersion (Poetry) – Dorothea Arin

And God Remembered Sarah (Poetry) – Miriam Green

Nos Disparus (Fiction) – Robert Friedland

The Rock From Masada (Creative Non-Fiction) – Bernard Freedman

Issue 52 (October 2017)

2 Poems (Poetry) – Robert Hirschfield

Your Call Is Important To Us (Fiction) – Fred Cohn

Throw, Pinch, Beat, Change Feet (Creative Non-Fiction) – Paula Chaiken

Issue 51 (September 2017)

2 Poems (Poetry) – Arturo Desimone

Al Chet (Poetry) – Ted Eisenberg

Linber (Fiction) – Galit Dahan Carlibach

A Jew In Germany (Creative Non-Fiction) – Carol Fixman

My Pen Name (Creative Non-Fiction) – Emil Draitser

Issue 50 (August 2017)

The Golems Of Manhattan (Poetry) – Jonathan Lewis

Teddy And His Mother (Fiction) – Stephen Shaiken

Bronx Boys, 1937 (Creative Non-Fiction) – David Wolfe 

Issue 49 (July 2017)

Day of Atonement (Poetry) – James Gering

A Book Of Psalms (Fiction) – Pnina Moed Kass

I Come From Nah-Jee-Wah, So Pity Me (Creative Non-Fiction) – Barbara Krasner

Issue 48 (June 2017)

Ghost Tattoo (Poetry) – Florence Weinberger

The Ancient Gift From Jethro’s Daughter (Poetry) – Jaimie Gusman

The Ciriegia Pass (Fiction) – Jo Taylor-Rolfo

Farewell, Anne Frank (Creative Non-Fiction) – Dea Hadar

Issue 47 (May 2017)

Lot’s Daughters (Poetry) – Bruce J. Berger

The Gallery (Poetry) – David Goldberg

Rashbi Underground (Poetry) – Yonah Lavery-Yisraeli

Sarechal (Fiction) – Chuck Redman

Our America (Creative Non-Fiction) – Melissa Hunter

Issue 46 (April 2017)

Bagel Heaven (Poetry) – Bruce Black

Creation (Poetry) – Ruth Housman

A Wind From The South (Fiction) – Micah Streiffer

When They Lied (Creative Non-Fiction) – Jamie Wagman

Issue 45 (March 2017)

Harem + Megillah (Poetry) – Tamar Stern

His Head Pure Gold (Fiction) – Eliot Fintushel

So Why Did You Come To Poland? (Creative Non-Fiction) – Matthew Krasner

Descendant (Creative Non-Fiction) – Carly Berlin 

Issue 44 (February 2017)

Three Nameless Voices By The River (Poetry) – Sister Lou Ella Hickman

Epitome of Mensch (Fiction) – Benjamin Sonnenberg

But One Mournful Chord (Creative Non-Fiction) – Myles Hopper

Issue 43 (January 2017)

Story Of A Wife + Tree Of Life (Poetry) – Benedette Palazzola

Eric Richard Solow, 1944-1966 (Poetry) – Beth Solow Mills

I Hate Being Jewish (Fiction) – Susan Hunnicutt

How To Get Exiled Without Really Trying (Creative Non-Fiction) – Emil Draitser

Issue 42 (December 2016)

Jerusalem (Poetry) – Eve Lyons

Seder (Poetry) – Mark Mann

Bialystok, 1939 – Fred Skolnik

The Visit – Reba Carmel

Issue 41 (November 2016)

Jew-ish (Poetry) – Alexis Drutchas

The Akedah (Poetry) – Steven Goldman

Conversations With My Aunt (Fiction) – Paul Beckman

Altalena  (Creative Non-Fiction) – Louis Arthur Norton

Issue 40 (October 2016)

Tekiah (Poetry) – Tamar Stern

First Rain (Poetry) – Miriam Green

Matzo (Poetry) – Brian Broome

The Courtship (Fiction) – Toni Mehler

High Fall Risk (Creative Non-Fiction) – Paulette Fire

Issue 39 (September 2016)

Divorce (Poetry) – Alan Walowitz

Immersion (Fiction) – Daniella Levy

Mirrors Mock As Well As Make (Creative Non-Fiction) – Kelley A Pasmanick

Issue 38 (August 2016)

Passover Prayer (Poetry) – Ed Levin

Saul And The Man In White (Fiction) – Matthew Marcus

Home, Home On The Pampas (Creative Non-Fiction) – Roberto Loiederman

Issue 37 (July 2016)

Psalm for a July Shabbat (Poetry) – Janet Madden

At Night + Moshiach (Poetry) – Emily McAvan

For A Slice Of Bread (Fiction) – Melissa Hunter

Catalogue (Creative Non-Fiction) – Elizabeth Merriam

Issue 36 (June 2016)

Remembering Sr. Mary Holy Cart + Fiber Optic Search (Poetry) – Iris J. Arenson-Fuller

Specks of Gold (Fiction) – Gershon Ben-Avraham

When You Are Ready (Creative Non-Fiction) – John Eirinberg

Issue 35 (May 2016)

Egg Market (Poetry) – Nancy Scott

¡ Bienvenidos And Shalom To Our Dear Jewish Friends ! (Fiction) – Jennifer Arin

The Hands That Bind Us (Creative Non-Fiction) – Barbara Krasner

Issue 34 (April 2016)

Praying In Muir Woods (Poetry) – Dan Ornstein

Bar Mitzvah (Fiction) – Shana Attar

The Amshinover Rebbe – Jesse Cogan

Issue 33 (March 2016)

The Magnitude of God (Poetry) – Miriam Green

Undressing After Sinai (Fiction) – Yermiyahu Ahron Taub

Painting X (Creative Non-Fiction) – Neal Hirschfeld

Issue 32 (February 2016)

Bread of Affliction (Poetry) – Ira Schaeffer

Aqua-Blue, 1974 (Poetry) – Chaz Mena

Homolka Hesitates (Fiction) – Joseph Rotenberg

A Visit To My Rebbe’s Grave (Creative Non-Fiction) – Benjamin Nadler

Issue 31 (January 2016)

Kaddish (Poetry) – Emily McAvan

The Tailor from the Trees – Kelly Easton Ruben

The Rabbi (Creative Non-Fiction) – Reyna Marder Gentin

Issue 30 (December  2015)

1 Isaiah 1-4 (Poetry) – Milt Montague

Yitzik the Shikor’s Passover Seder (Fiction) – Yishai Margulies

10085001 (Creative Non-Fiction) – Haitham Alsaraff

Issue 29 (November 2015)

Yom Kippur Before and After (Poetry) – Catherine Wald

Musaf: Additional Prayer (Poetry) – Kenneth Salzmann

Night Delivery (Fiction) – Judy Salz 

Between Time-zones and Datelines (Creative Non-Fiction) – Shlomo Liberman

Issue 28 (October 2015)

Deluge, Redux (Poetry) — Dan Ornstein

My Granddaughter’s Prayer Shawl (Poetry) — Howard Richard Debs 

Tree of Life (Fiction) — Mike Livingston

Keys To My Family’s Cemetery (Creative Non-Fiction) — Hannah Yerington

Rose Returns To Brooklyn (Creative Non-Fiction) — Harvey Blumenthal

Issue 27 (September 2015)

Rest (Poetry) — Susan Windle

There Are No New Psalms (Poetry) — M.E. Lerman

Casting Off (Poetry) — Karen Mandell

The Skinny Man in the Candy Store (Fiction) — Jean Ende

Jews Don’t Believe in Hell (Fiction) — Richard Squires

Addicts in the Wall (Creative Non-Fiction) — Jay Deitcher

From Moscow to Missouri (Creative Non-Fiction) — Svetlana Grobman

Issue 26 (August 2015)

Memories of the Future (Poetry) – Elie Lichtschein

At the Prado. (Poetry) – Rita Azar

Rosh Hodesh (Poetry) – Lyn Lifshin

That American Thing (Fiction) – Sandi Sonnenfeld

Visiting Day (Creative Non-Fiction) – Michael A. Livingston 

Issue 25 (July 2015)

Kol Nidre (Poetry) – Edward Levin

While Fishing in the Shatt Al-Arab (Poetry) – Nick Romeo

Hashmal (Fiction) – Marc Jampole

My Standardized Home (Creative Non-Fiction) – Terry Barr

Issue 24 (June 2015)

Our Weeks + Shir (Poetry) – Tamar Stern

Speak Lo[e]w (Poetry) – Joseph McBirnie 

God Unties Moses’ Tongue (Poetry) – Angela Saulsbery

A Very Small Slice Of Life (Fiction) – Bruce Katz

Melodies and the Finale of the Tin Soldier (Creative Non-Fiction) – Alex Gordon

Issue 23 (May 2015)

Ayin (Poetry) – Jeremy Marks

Dancing Kaddish (Poetry) – Gershon Ben-Avraham

Childhood Reminiscence (Poetry) – Arlene Corwin

Too Many Messiahs (Fiction) – Aryeh Pelcovits

A Letter From Lisbon (Creative Non-Fiction) – Joseph Rotenberg

Issue 22 (April 2015)

Fur Die Kinder + The Photo (Poetry) – Alan Walowitz

Knew Harts Matter (Poetry) – Matthew Krasner

No Man’s Land, 1939 (Fiction) – Barbara Krasner

Bud Wiser (Creative Non-Fiction) – Joanna Brichetto

Issue 21 (March 2015)

Purim Échappé (Poetry) – Tamar Stern

Doors (Poetry) – Richard Widerkehr

Samuel (Poetry) – M. E. Lerman

Repentance (Fiction) – Allyson Shames

Chopped Liver (Creative Non-Fiction) – Ray Scanlon

Family Plot (Creative Non-Fiction) – Herb Levine

Issue 20 (February 2015)

HaMakom (Poetry) – Simon Constam

Unthinkable (Poetry) – Alan Toltzis

One Seventy-Five (Fiction) – Iris Dorbian 

Our Survivor (Creative Non-Fiction) – Tehila Wenger

Issue 19 (January 2015)

Love Me Like Eve (Poetry) – Catherine Wald

To Irena (Poetry) – Phil Kershner

Cherry Blossoms (Fiction) – Sam Oppenheim

A Thousand Men And A Ghost (Creative Non-Fiction) – Mel Waldman

Issue 18 (December 2014)

Etz HaDa’at Tov V’Rah (Poetry) – David Villaverde

Cain And Maples (Poetry) – Dan Ornstein

The Players (Poetry) – Warren M. Harris

Water (Fiction) – Gershon Ben-Avraham

Taiga (Creative Non-Fiction) – Dina Lyuber

Issue 17 (November 2014)

Picnic + Broken Glass (Poetry) – David Allard

Grandma’s Hands (Poetry) – Milton P. Ehrlich

Jew Bunny (Creative Non-Fiction)- Robert Freedman

Temple Dues (Fiction) – Cary Gitter

Patience + The Tattered Talis (Poetry) – Larry Oakner

Issue 16 (October 2014)

Keeping Time (Fiction) – Deborah Flusberg

Shivah At A Stranger’s House + Youth (I’ll Be An Old Man Here) (Poetry) – Sass Brown

Feathers gathered, feathers lost (Poetry) – Jude Neale 

Blood In The Market (Creative Non-Fiction) – Shira Sebban

Issue 15 (September 2014)

Skyping With The Rabbi (Fiction) – Audrey Kalman

Joseph’s Brother’s + Giving Name To All Things (Poetry) – Steven Sher

Noach + Once Again Yom Kippur (Poetry) – Yoni Hammer-Kossoy

Trotsky (Poetry) – M.E. Lerman

First Picture (Creative Non-Fiction) – Milton Montague 

Issue 14 (August 2014)

The Story Of Joel (Fiction) – Elsa Nad

The Last Best Day (Fiction)- Marlene Olin

Ravine 2 + Ravine 3 (Poetry) – Miriam C. Jacobs

Always The Wedding Dance + In Occupied France (Poetry) – Baruch November

Private Bernie And Eugenio The Philosopher (Poetry) – Richard Kind Perkins II

How To Become The Czar’s Son-in-Law And A Small Cheer For Corruption (Creative Non-Fiction) – Bryna Kranzler 

Issue 13 (July 2014 – Anniversary Edition)

Rite of Passage (Fiction) – Donna K. Hollenberg

Mercy Of A Full Womb (Poetry) – Miriam Green

Chavah (Poetry) – Amy Schmidt

I Do Not Wish To Confront Hate With Hate (Creative Non-Fiction) – Renate G. Justin, M.D.

Issue 12 (June 2014)

Mrs. Etty Bloom’s Son (Fiction) – Talya Jankovits

Mrs. Parmenter’s Dress (Fiction) – Lois Barr

Honi Makes It Rain (Poetry) – Ayala Danzig

Mourner’s Kaddish + The Last Seder (Poetry) – Valerie Bacharach

Writing Is My Prayer (Poetry) – Mel Waldman

Anna’s Jewels – Bea Epstein

Issue 11 (May 2014)

Belzec (Fiction) – Colin Thornton

Golem (Poetry) – Barbara Braverman

Water, Water + Loaves and Fishes (Poetry) – Sue Russell

Make Sense Of This, Can You? or Jadem Das Seine (You Get What You Deserve) (Poetry) – Gil Gale

The Chandelier (Creative Non-Fiction) – Karen A. Frenkel

Issue 10 (April 2014)

Yitzhak Kugelkop’s Remarkable Pig (Fiction) – Art Bupkis

Before the Seder Plate (Creative Non-Fiction) – Rachel Belth

The Confessions of A Dying Man + Saturday Morning at Temple (Poetry) – Steven Pelcman

Prophecy of Dominance (Poetry) – Robert Manaster

Hebrew School (Poetry) – Mark Burgh

Issue 9 (March 2014)

Second (Fiction) – Michele Barker

Old Rivalry (Poetry) – Jean Nordhaus

My Aunts and Uncles in Heaven + Williamsburg (Poetry) – Arthur Heifitz

Yahrzeit Candle (Poetry) – Sharon Lask Munson

The Fortunes of Dover Street (Creative Non-Fiction) – Janet Neipris

Issue 8 (February 2014)

Revelations (Fiction) – Douglas Smith

Matters of Life and Death + Sunday School (Poetry) – Catherine Wald

What Love Is (Creative Non-Fiction) – Terry Barr

Issue 7 (January 2014)

Kotel + Dessert Folk (Poetry) – Jamie Wendt

Faith and Irv (Creative Non-Fiction) – EK Silver

Issue 6 (December 2013)

Deni-al (Fiction) – Jim Meirose

Chanukah Haiku (Poetry) – Ari Berg

Yellow (Creative Non-Fiction) – Candace Mittel

Issue 5 (November 2013)

Eldad and Medad (Poetry) – David Goldberg

Before Michelangelo’s Moses (Creative Non-Fiction) – Ivan Klein

Issue 4 (October 2013)

The Sixth Day (Fiction) – Naomi Bilmes

At The Wailing Wall + In a Circular Room (Poetry) – Rachel Gellman

Mostly, America’s Roads Are Pretty Decent (Creative Non-Fiction) – Alexander Remer

Issue 3 (September 2013)

Writers and Duncecaps (Fiction) – I. Batsheva

Love Letter Prayers (Poetry) – Alexander Remer

Amatzia (Creative Non-Fiction) – Steve Wenick

Issue 2 (August 2013)

Badlands (Fiction) – Alexa Bryn

The Seminarian (Poetry) – Zahava Stadler

The Hat (Creative Non-Fiction) – Ivan Klein

Issue 1 (July 2013)

The Skolover Queen (Fiction) – Margueya Novick

Holding (Poetry) – Tikva Hecht

The Barber (Creative Non-Fiction) – Lahav Harkov Levine

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