A Prayer For Breathing – Ophir Bitton

I watched seduced air
fall prey to your breath
as you inhaled,
Your eyes squint
ever so and your body
restored yet again

I thanked God for making
air for you to breathe

I thanked God for making
plants and trees
to make the air

I thanked God for making
water, earth, and the sun too

Then I inhaled,
and I thanked God
…..for making you

Ophir Jacob Bitton was born in Israel to Moroccan parents.  He immigrated to the United States in 1978 at the age of six.  He writes about Jewish spirituality, culture, family life and career as an attorney through nature and life experiences.  He has self-published a collection of poetry written about his courtship of his wife (Becoming Eyes, Aventine Press 2008).

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