Against Impossible Odds – Sarah Klein

Trapped in a reverie that
has slipped from my grasp
it clouds my head as it
starts to spin sour it winds
its way through my teeth to
cement them together it creeps into the
corners of my consciousness Do you think the locusts
came all at once or was there a moment when pharaoh
stepped outside and saw a single
one and perhaps marveled at its beauty or its
courage before the swarm descended on the city what
have I done that my first born son my
very mind is torn from me and yet my
ancestors walked straight through the sea

Sarah Klein is a queer disabled poet and flash fiction author who has been previously published by fifth wheel press, 365tomorrows and others. She currently lives in Boston and enjoys celebrating the Jewish holidays with her friends and caring for her two black cats when she isn’t writing.¬†

*first published in Flux by fifth wheel press January 15, 2022

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