Avelut – David Lerner

Not long after your mother has died
After the public portion has passed
And her home has been emptied and sold
You will find yourself neatly stacking
Six bars of soap you pulled from the pile
Since throwing them out would be wasteful
And you will use each one of these bars
Though the lather leaves your skin too dry
And you’ll run the water just too hot
Not hot enough as to burn your flesh
But to be made uncomfortable
After all, that’s why we sit on crates
Each day will begin and end this way
With a careful self-flagellation
You’ll do this til the last bar is gone

Then you’ll buy the brand you’ve always preferred
And run the water just a tad less hot
And your skin won’t be so dry anymore
You know she wouldn’t want you to suffer


David D. Lerner is a blissfully retired former high school English teacher and lacrosse coach. He is married to Lori and has two grown sons, Steven (married to Ana) and Andrew. He has been previously published in the New Jersey Education Association’s Journal.

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