While Fishing in the Shatt Al-Arab – Nick Romeo

I will break bread
with Ham, Shem, and Japheth

Thank them
for their contributions
Praise them
for their devotion

Then apologize
for a world
divided, violent, and misguided

We could have had perfection
First mistake: Eating the fruit
Second mistake: Forgetting the Ark
We could have had unity

We can make up for it
by dining with the prophets
Abraham, Jacob, Moses,
and others

I fish in these waters
the Shatt Al-Arab
north of here,
the Euphrates
the world was born
in a womb
in a garden

Nick Romeo is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and poet. His poems have been published in “The Brentwood Anthology, by Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange,” Uppagus, Rune, StreetCake Magazine, and Eye Contact. He also read his poetry on “Thoughts from the Top of a Ferris Wheel” podcast.

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