Simchat Torah – Natalie Knazik

In late September
at the water’s edge
when the night has caught up with the day
the waves become a scroll

A vigorous whorl spinning inward and
churning the air
and sand
shifting like a context.

The ocean telegraphs her sway
I can see the future coming
wave by wave
what will be pulses,
and becomes what is

As the scroll unfurls in foam
it becomes again personal
the shivering swell that lifts me off my feet

My fingers trace bet
in the tugging tide
resetting and beginning

Turn this world and turn it
for everything is in it

Some obscured and some in light
and everything–
in time–
surfaces, revealed.


Natalie Knazik is a proud midwesterner nonetheless living in Silver Spring MD with her two cats, Kanafeh and Hamentaschen. She is also an improviser, napper, and nosy friend. 

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