Yahrzeit – Jean Fineberg

One year ago
a star, small and slight,
squeezed its presence
into my being, saying
I live here now.

Nights, it whispers
Our tree is not severed
limb from trunk,
trunk from root,
root from soil.
In our dying,
we glow in our
children, waiting,
until ready
to be passed.


Jean Fineberg is a professional jazz saxophonist with poems published in Modern Poets Magazine, Soliloquies, Vita Brevis, Dove Tails, Uppagus, Literary Yard, Flagler Review, Riza Press, High Shelf Press, Fibonacci Review, Creativity Webzine,  Quillkeepers, Superpresent, Lucky Jefferson, Unlost Journal, Kerning, Jerry Jazz Musician and Shot Glass Journal . Her first chapbook, entitled A Mobius Path, will be available in early 2022.  www.jeanfineberg.com 

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