He Did Wild Things – Brian Rohr

Though not a wild man,
he did wild things,
upon hearing God voice,
he considered it

a friend,
a partner.

Upon moving west,
completing the journey
his grief-stricken father could not,
he placed an alter,
and changed history.

He was a man with a knife.
Fear and trust surged through him
He had purpose.

Kings knew his name,
knew Sarai.
Wealth was gained.

Kings too battled, defeated
for betraying his kin.

A wild ass born.

While counting stars,
on a cool clear night,
he grabbed a covenant
from the sky and fashioned

a knife for cutting the skin
of his people, of his son,
of his own, made sacred.

He, a man not wild,
He, a man who did wild things.


Brian Rohr is a writer and storyteller living in the pacific northwest. His storytelling website is: https://brianrohr.com

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