The Ancient Gift From Jethro’s Daughter – Jaimie Gusman

[She is a positive noun. As in a pro. (Once, a profeminist?) One can be good at She, or, alternatively, suck the life out of She. Being good/bad is stuck to the noun. Goodgirl. Badgirl. There are many instances of,     My empty sisters.      Contemplate: “She has nothing,” which is a positive                   because she can own that. Around noon, the sun burned       Moses        a grease spot/memory. She saw the fig tree                                   and tightened her eyelids into                     wet roots. A group of us blinked, too. She holds onto one side of the            water, her sisters                 she holds the others like                 whips.   Her eyelids tighten like glass like wet rods. Strike this!       And nothing.                              ]


Jaimie Gusman lives with her family in Ka’a’awa, Hawaii where she is a freelance writer and poetry-in-the-schools teacher. She has published three chapbooks, “Gertrude’s Attic” (Vagabond Press, 2014), “The Anyjar” (Highway101 Press, 2011), and “One Petal Row” (Tinfish Press, 2011). She is also the winner of the 2015 Rita Dove Poetry Prize. Her first full-length collection “Anyjar” will be published by Black Radish Books in fall 2017.

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