Our Authors and Their Work

The Last Commandment – Poems by Alan Toltzis

Using elegant, vivid, and carefully crafted language, The Last Commandment examines the nature of love, family, the creative process, and the connection between nature and ourselves. The 54 poems, each inspired by the weekly Torah portion, are meditations, insights, personal recollections, and stem from a deep reading of original Biblical texts and commentaries. Deeply nuanced, these poems can be appreciated or their lyricism, spirituality, and their fresh outlook on our world and beyond.

For more information and to order books: www.alantoltzis.com


Americans & Other Stories – Fred Skolnik

In this collection of 26 stories (Fomite Press, 417 pp.), the author of The Other Shore and Death offers a varied selection of his absorbing short fiction, ranging from the realistic to the surreal and wildly satiric. Available at Amazon or directly from Fomite.


Unlocking the Past: Stories From My Mother’s Diary – Shira Sebban
Shira Sebban had long abandoned hope of uncovering more details of her mother Naomi’s past, especially after her death following a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. That was before Sebban and her sister discovered a diary Naomi had kept during a study trip to Israel in the mid-1950s.
Unlocking the Past: Stories From My Mother’s Diary brings Naomi’s vibrant and descriptive diary entries back to life as a series of creative non-fiction short stories. In so doing, Sebban embarked on a fascinating journey, exploring a place and space so different to her own. Not only was her mother still single, but she had also become somewhat of an outsider, having returned to her birthplace after a decade away in Australia.
Available as an e-book or paperback at Amazon or directly from Mazo Publishers.


What She Lost – Melissa W. Hunter

For thirteen-year-old Sarah Waldman, life in the small Polish town of Olkusz is idyllic, grounded in her loving, close-knit family and the traditions of their Jewish faith. But in 1939, as the Nazis come to power, a storm is gathering-a relentless, unforgiving storm that will sweep Sarah and her family into years of misery in the ghetto and concentration camps, tearing them apart. Will Sarah’s strong will and determination be enough for her to survive when everything she loves is taken from her? Is it possible to resurrect a life-and find love-from the ruins? Or will Sarah be forever haunted by the memories of what she lost? Part memoir, part fiction, What She Lost is the reimagined true-life story of the author’s grandmother growing into a woman amid the anguish of the Holocaust. It is a tale of resilience, of rebuilding a life, and of rediscovering love.

Available in both ebook and paperback from Amazon or Cynren Press directly.


Bar Mitzvah Dreams: A Book of Poems – Baruch November

Available in Main Street Rags or Amazon.




Riverbed – Steven Pelcman

RIVERBED is about a three generational family and focuses on a grandfather, a son and a grandson all living together on a ranch in Montana, USA. These are all troubled individuals confronting their relationships from old age to father to son conflict due to their values and vision of what love and life should be about.

And there is a young boy coming of age and full of internal complications because of divorce and the inability to relate to his father. A reflection of family issues, communication and love issues and understanding one’s place in life is what this story shares. It touches upon history and the land, a lifestyle and how evolution plays a role in all of their lives. A hunting trip into the Montana mountains in late fall evolves into a life and death experience. These are characters you can relate to and emotions and psychological issues we may all experience in our lives at one time or another.

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