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The Jewish Daily Forward (8/11/2014)

Looking for the Next Philip Roth


Our Authors and their Work:

The Last Commandment – Poems by Alan Toltzis

Using elegant, vivid, and carefully crafted language, The Last Commandment examines the nature of love, family, the creative process, and the connection between nature and ourselves. The 54 poems, each inspired by the weekly Torah portion, are meditations, insights, personal recollections, and stem from a deep reading of original Biblical texts and commentaries. Deeply nuanced, these poems can be appreciated or their lyricism, spirituality, and their fresh outlook on our world and beyond.

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Americans & Other Stories – Fred Skolnik

In this collection of 26 stories (Fomite Press, 417 pp.), the author of The Other Shore and Death offers a varied selection of his absorbing short fiction, ranging from the realistic to the surreal and wildly satiric. Available at Amazon or directly from Fomite.




One thought on “Press

  1. J. Michael Dolan

    A novel of mine is on the market that dramatizes the heroic 1944 prisoner uprising at the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. “The Trumpets of Jericho: A Tale of the Holocaust” is the only book I know of, fiction or nonfiction, to explore that remarkable episode of Jewish resistance to the Nazis in all its depth and complexity.
    I’m wondering if you do book reviews, and if so how I would go about having one posted in your journal. Both print and digital copies of “Trumpets” are available, should you require one. Please advise at your leisure.


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