Praying In Muir Woods – Dan Ornstein

There in the sylvan, soaring shul, they leaf through their siddurim, waiting to get ten. “I’m here, let’s begin,” I say, craning my neck at them, rough and red-faced. They won’t count me in. One whispers to his ancient friends, “‘Is man a tree of the field?’ or should it be said ‘A tree of […]

Deluge, Redux – Dan Ornstein

The rain unfolds like sheets upon a corpse as, desperate, the drifting Noah tries to save the few while piloting his ship’s hull through the graveyard sea where all else lies. He weeps, cruel irony that all this flood became the instrument of utter death, for he has more than once in wonder stood as […]

Cain And Maples: The Villain’s Villanelle – Dan Ornstein

Then God said, “What have you done? Hark! Your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground!” (Genesis 4:10) Abel’s blood was dashed all over the trees and stones. (Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 37a) The horror: brother’s blood on stones and trees, Though Cain’s one thought is clearing evidence. He turns away with timeless cruelty. […]

Our Authors and Their Work

The Last Commandment – Alan Toltzis Using elegant, vivid, and carefully crafted language, The Last Commandment examines the nature of love, family, the creative process, and the connection between nature and ourselves. The 54 poems, each inspired by the weekly Torah portion, are meditations, insights, personal recollections, and stem from a deep reading of original […]


Here are all of our past issues, enjoy reading! Issue 120 (June 2023) He Did Wild Things (Poetry) – Brian Rohr Throughout The 7th Night (Poetry) – Baruch November Child’s Prayer (Fiction) – Susan Greenfield Mothers Never Die (Creative Nonfiction) – Emil Draitser Issue 119 (May 2023) Sheva Brachot (Poetry) – Emily McAvan Tefillin (Poetry) […]