Childhood Reminiscence Of An Essence Of The Child Love – Arlene Corwin

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Brings near-as-missing, (almost here),
A camera clear conception
Of gefilte fish, my grandma’s
Own delicious fish, which
Dish was cheaper, keeping better
Then the other, grand rich mothers
Who did not use dark
But light fish.  Grand gefilte,
Ground by hand and grand mothers.
Sweet tasting, oh, sweet taste…
And oh, the moment wasted hurting;
Worsest moment, wasted hurting when
The heaping other neighbor mothers
Dared – comparing cents per pound –
To flag a right of birth and brag.
White chastelessness, and that was fat.
Flat tastelessness, and that was that
With every bite…the camera fades
Into conditioned night.
A grocery-stopping grownup moved;
And not the simplest point was proved.